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Dr. Morgan Hall

Dr. Morgan Hall is a General Dentist at Victoria BC Dental. Dr. Hall is dedicated to helping his patients achieve their ideal smile goals. 

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Dr. Morgan Hall, Victoria Dentist

General Dentist | University of Western Ontario

Dr. Hall is passionate about dentistry, and comes by it naturally, being the third generation of a family working in the dental field. His daughter has now joined the practice, making it the fourth! 

He studied Dentistry at the University of Western Ontario, even earning the Award for best in Operative Dentistry.

Dr. Hall belongs to Study Clubs and reads a variety of Dental Journals. Dr. Hall is a member of the Victoria and District Dental Society, The British Colombia Dental Association, and The Canadian Dental Association.

Dr. Hall is compassionate and dedicated to providing patients with the dental care they need. He is very proud of his three children. His two sons and three grandchildren live abroad. He is happy to have his daughter back in Victoria and to have her working with him.

In his free time, you will find him physically active and usually outdoors. He enjoys water sports, soccer, skiing, hiking, and cycling, and is a member of the Oak Bay Tennis Club.

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